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All functions of the smartphone or tablet can be used, such as camera, GPS or your own files, to share important information with the contact person. We use cookies to improve our website and your user experience. If you use this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Further information on the use of cookies can be found in our data protection declaration. If you do not agree with the data collection and transmission, you can deactivate the cookies here.

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A single three-finger pinch will copy, a second three-finger pinch will cut, and a three-finger spread pastes. A three-finger single tap will bring up a shortcut menu with all five options. The blue text cursor can be moved around text fields by pressing and holding to pick it up and move it. Many new options for text selection have also been added: double-tapping a word will select it, triple-tapping selects a sentence, and quadruple-tapping a paragraph selects it.

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  5. iOS 13: It's out now—Here's what you need to know.
  6. A new single sign-on implementation called "Sign in with Apple" allows users to create accounts with third-party services with a minimal amount of information. Users can share emails or a private "relay" email with the app. All iOS applications that support third-party login methods, such as Facebook and Google, must support the "Sign in with Apple" system, [28] [29] and the iOS human interface guidelines recommend that developers place the "Sign in with Apple" option above other login methods.

    This feature allows leaving the mobile phone charging overnight without needing a timeclocked power outlet for preserving battery lifespan.

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    Keeping the battery percentage more centered instead of complete charges and discharges reduces strain onto the battery. This reduces the battery aging of the lithium-ion battery and extends its lifespan, which is a severe issue of mobile phones with non-replaceable batteries. Prior to iOS 13, apps could only provide the default haptic patterns. Core Haptics gives developers more fine-grained control over the iPhone's Taptic Engine, including synchronized audio, allowing apps to provide customized haptic and audio feedback.

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    A new multi-select gesture is available in supported applications such as Files and Mail. Multiple items, such as files or emails, can be quickly selected by dragging two fingers over the desired items.

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    User profiles can be created and Memoji can be used as an iMessage profile picture. All iOS devices with an A9 processor or newer can create custom Memoji. Memoji and Animoji can be used as a sticker in iMessage and other apps; they are also available as regular emoji for use anywhere the emoji keyboard is available.

    There are a variety of new customization options for Memoji. The Maps app features a redesigned maps UI, featuring more detailed maps, and Look Around , a street level imagery implementation similar to Google Street View. Redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up with new features such as the ability to suggest when a reminder should be delivered to the user, and the ability to tag contacts so that references to reminders can be surfaced elsewhere, such as in Messages.

    The Photos app includes a redesigned UI and uses machine learning to auto-hide "clutter" images such as screenshots and documents.

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    Photos has a redesigned interface showing users photos they took in the past year, month, week and day. This brings all photos to one page and shows users photos based on what their device suggests for them. There were a number of issues following iOS 13's release, some relating to battery drain, call-dropping, and ringtones not functioning properly, resulting in frequent software updates and patches. Despite the frequency of bug fix releases, the updates have introduced new issues. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    This also marks the first time support for any bit devices were dropped. To further differentiate features between iPhones and iPads, Apple has rebranded the tablet-oriented platform with its own operating system, iPadOS. Retrieved October 15, Apple Developer. Apple Inc. October 15,